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Why include Seaweed in your Diet?

Have you ever eaten Seaweed before? If you have, or do so regularly, then you’re obviously feeling good. If not, then let us tell you a little bit about this wonderful vegetation. We say a ‘little bit’ because if we tried to cover all of seaweed’s wonderful benefits this blog would be the makings of a book! So here’s just a taste..pardon the pun.

seaweed2Our Ancestors instinctively knew the benefits contained in seaweed. They used it as a food source and as a medicine. Today, through modern science, our ancestor’s instincts have become scientific fact. Seaweeds are increasingly being recognised as powerhouses full of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.  Scientists are having a field day at the moment discovering the amazing benefits that seaweeds have to offer.

Heart health is an area where seaweed is showing great potential. Recent research here in Ireland and in the U.K. has proven that elements contained in Dillisk/Dulse, a red seaweed common in Irish waters, has the ability to inhibit the process that results in high blood pressure.  This seaweed is also an excellent source of Protein and Vitamin B12 – both essential for vegetarians and vegans, in fact, everyone. Dillisk is also rich in Iron, which is essential for carrying oxygen to all the cells in your body, Calcium which builds healthy bones and teeth and Magnesium which helps maintain normal heart rhythm.

Kelp, a brown seaweed, is nature’s richest source of Iodine. Iodine is essential for healthy thyroid function, and for brain development in young children. A healthy thyroid means an efficient metabolism – an efficient metabolism gives you more energy – more energy burns off those calories. Seaweed also contains insoluble dietary fibre which promotes effective food digestion.

Cooking with Sea of Vitality couldn’t be simpler. Because, we present it in milled or powdered form there’s no need to rinse it, chop it or rehydrate it. The only kitchen skill required is how to use a spoon. Add our seaweed to your existing recipes whether they are sweet, savoury, gourmet or rustic.

Use it as a salt substitute for salt when seasoning. Seaweed works great as a salt substitute because of the lower sodium content.

Brown seaweed such as Kelp enhances the flavours of food because of the presence of a natural occurring Glutamate and also Mannitol which is a natural sweetener (without the calories). Kelp also gives food a luxurious richness and body to food. Dillisk is also really flavoursome when added to cooking. It works well with any dish especially chowders, fish pies, stocks, breads and scones. As well as all of that, and keep this to yourself.. add either seaweed to your children’s treats i.e chocolate brownies, rice crispy buns, cakes etc., they’ll never know because they won’t taste it. Is that a sneaky way or a clever way to get nutrients into your kids or what!

Try our Irish Wholemeal Breadmix as a healthy nutritious alternative. Like our dried seaweed, the breadmix is really simple – just add buttermilk, an egg and a drop of olive oil – takes about 4 minutes to prepare. We don’t add even a pinch of sugar or salt to our breadmix which makes it Very Low in Salt and Low in Sugar. And of course due to the Kelp it is high in Iodine. The bread has no nasty additives or preservatives and it’s only gorgeous!

The only limitation on how you use Sea of Vitality Seaweed is your imagination, so have fun with it and let us know how you get on.

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