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Cooking with Seaweed and a little Information

Some Information & Cooking with Sea of Vitality Seaweed

Cooking and using our seaweed couldn’t be simpler. Just add our seaweed directly into your recipes to give a great nutritional boost and richer flavour. Or you can reduce the salt content in a recipe by replacing the salt with seaweed. Surprisingly, considering the environment it exists in, seaweed is very low in sodium. Coupled with this, seaweed contains glutamate which is a natural food enhancer. By adding seaweed to your recipes the glutamate arouses our ‘Umami’ receptors and excites our taste buds. Umami is known as the ‘fifth taste’, the other four being sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Umami was discovered in Kombu (Kelp)  at the Imperial University of Tokyo, by chemistry professor, Kikunae Ikeda nearly a century ago


Anyway to put it in a non scientific way…seaweed makes food taste yummier!. So what can you add seaweed to?. Well anything really. We have used it in sweet and savoury dishes. It works great with soups, stews and casseroles, breads and meat dishes. Just add instead of salt when preparing the dish and when the dish is cooked you can season with more if desired. You will find that the dish is a little thicker and has a more luxurious texture.

Apple TartYou can also include seaweed in sweet dishes. Apple tarts/pies, chocolate brownies, flapjacks. I could go on and on as the list is only limited by your imagination. We have found that adding seaweed to brownies and sweet cakes such as madeira and carrot cake results in a moister tastier cake. This is good news for Mum’s because by including seaweed into tasty treats for your children you are increasing their vitamin and mineral intake. More importantly you will be boosting their iodine intake which is very important in your child’s development

Child learning


According to the World Health Organisation ” Iodine deficiency is the main cause of brain damage in chilhood. It results in impaired cognitive and motor development which affects a child’s performance at school. In adulthood, it affects productivity and the ability to find a job. Iodine-deficient people may forfeit 15 IQ points, and nearly 50 million people suffer from some degree of iodine deficiency-related brain damage” (View here). 

Seaweeds contain iodine in varying quantities with the kelps being the richest source. As well as iodine seaweeds give us loads of minerals, vitamins and essential elements for robust health and well-being. When using our ground kelp in your recipes we would recommend that because of the rich amount of iodine a quarter teaspoon per serving would be sufficient to be of benefit health wise.

Fish dish 1

Dillisk is a great seaweed to use if you are partial to the taste of fish and love the sea breeze with sand in your toes….ahem, sorry. It is stronger than kelp in taste and goes exceptionally well in fish dishes such as chowders, fish pies and cakes or as part of a herb crust coating. When used as a garnish it looks very attractive with it’s reddish purply (is that a word?)colour. Dillisk is a great source of protein and calcium as well as iron. For those of you with a sporty or adventurous disposition, dillisk is a great addition to smoothies or fresh juice drinks. Dillisk can also be added to breads, scones and other baked products with great results.

There has been a great deal of research into seaweeds in recent years and scientists are having a field day with the stuff. scientistsIn recent studies by scientists at the Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown in Dublin found that peptides found in dillisk/dulse can prevent the action of certain enzymes that cause high blood (see here)

In other research Scientists at Newcastle University have discovered that alginate, found in sea kelp, can suppress the digestion of fat in the digestive tract. (See here) Therefore by including seaweed as part of your daily diet it can aid in weight management. 

So, seaweed has many and varied health benefits. We are sure that with ongoing research by scientists all over the world more and more exciting discoveries will be made in the future. In the meantime we hope you enjoy using our seaweed and enjoy the benefits of enjoying a nutrient rich, salt free diet. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to give you more ideas on how to use our seaweeds.

Take care

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